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Pet Sketch is now located in Melbourne, Australia!x

Welcome to Pet Sketch!

Proud to create lasting memories of your closest friend, your pet. 

Adorable Chipmunk Drawing

Chipmunk drawn with tinted charcoal.

Your pet is more than just a pet. He’s your companion, your best friend. He warms your heart when it’s feeling chilly. He puts a smile on your face when nothing else can. Whether you are looking for a piece of fine art for yourself or a gift for a pet lover in your life, offers the opportunity to preserve the individuality and spirit of your animal friend forever.

Having a pet portrait hand drawn by Christopher Trudeau, who comes with over 7 years of experience, will end up being more than just art hanging on your wall. It will be crafted with incredible detail and will bring out the essence of your pet in such a beautiful and memorable way. The portrait will be a way of remembering those who have grown older or those you’ve lost. It will make you smile every time you walk by just as your best friend has.

So how do I get a Pet Sketch?

Ozzy the Boston Terrier

Chris’ dog Ozzy.

It’s super easy! Fill out the form on the contact page, or send me an email with a few detailed photos of your beloved pet or favourite animal. Together we will find the right picture or the perfect angle to showcase your furry little friend. We can then discuss sizing as well as mat and framing options. If’d you prefer, you can receive the drawing naked, without any frame or mat.

For details regarding pricing, framing, matting and more, please visit the Pricing Page.





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